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Short Day Walks

Short day walks usually take about 5 hours and run from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. They are a great way to blow the cobwebs away, get some exercise and enjoy a walk through the countryside, hills or around the coast.

Have a look at our calendar to see when they are available – and make contact to make a booking.

All are priced at £25 per walker. Maximum ratio of leader to group size 1:6.
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Short Day Walks

Round the Sound
5 hour walk – Moderate rating
Take in the views on a real favourite: the Chasms, Spanish Head, the Sound and much more.
East coast forts and keeills
6 hour walk – Moderate rating
From Ronaldsway to Douglas along the east coast taking in a number of keeill and promontory fort sites, Port Soderick and Marine Drive
Big Braaid Circle
5 hour walk – Moderate rating
A visit to the Celtic and Norse farmstead at the Braaid; then through Chibbanagh Plantation to the fort known as The Broogh – a motte (timber castle) site, then on to Marown Old Church and St Patrick’s Chair.
Jurby & Ballaugh Curragh
5 hour walk – Leisurely rating
Starting at Jurby Church we walk past Ballateare and Killane then dip into the Ballaugh Curragh and back by Jurby airfield. From Ancient Viking sites to the RAF; from local wildlife to the chance of seeing a wallaby!
St John’s & Slieau Whallian
5 hour walk – Moderate rating
Starting at Tynwald Hill we gradually walk up the side of Slieau Whallian, then follow tracks over the hills to Patrick Road and return on the old railway line to St John’s.
Castletown, Langness and Fort Island
5 hour walking – Leisurely rating
Beginning at Castle Rushen, we follow the coast past Hango Hill, through Derbyhaven and onto Langness to see promontory forts, the landmark tower, the Provider stone and then on to the chapel and fort on St Michael’s Isle.

5 hour walk – Leisurely rating
Some of the highlights of Andreas – Kirk Andreas and the cross collection, Andreas airfield, Smeale Farm, Knock-e-Dooney ship burial and keeill.
The Isle of Man is beautiful in sunshine as well as storm and we walk in all types of weather (unless we feel it is unsafe to do so).

Changes may be made to advertised walks at short notice to take account of weather, ground conditions and provide you with a great day out!

Check the Looking after yourself page for our guidance.

The Landmark tower (herring tower) on Langness.
The Landmark tower (herring tower) on Langness.
Round the Sound
The Calf of Man, as viewed on Round the Sound Walk

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