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Looking after yourself

The Isle of Man is beautiful in sunshine as well as storm and we walk in all types of weather (unless we feel it is unsafe to do so).

In the hills and on the coast it can be more exposed.

Many of the routes we take have irregular and uneven surfaces: that’s the fun of walking in the hills or on the coast!

On the coastal footpath south of Peel
On the coastal footpath south of Peel

For all walks you must wear sturdy footwear and clothing appropriate to the time of year, weather and the type of ground to be covered. Strong, comfortable walking boots are ideal.

Wear layers of clothing which you can add to in the cold or take off in the heat and begin with a ‘base layer’ which is not of cotton; and bring a spare fleece or jumper. Bring waterproof clothing, gloves and something to cover the head. Don’t wear jeans as they are uncomfortable and cold when wet.

Bring some water (or a hot drink in a flask) and food and snacks to eat according to the length of your walk. Walking poles can help on some types of ground.

If you have any medical conditions: please check with your doctor before taking exercise. If you have medication which you might need to take (e.g. for asthma), please bring it; and advise the walk leader of any ailments which it would helpful for them to know.


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