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Guided Walks

Go-Mann Adventures offers the chance to get really close to the Isle of Man landscape, exploring it at walking pace and understanding its geology, archaeology, history and wildlife as we go.

It’s the experience that makes the adventure! With our Walk the Island walks you can get to know parts of the Island you never knew existed! From gentle strolls along coastal paths and tracks, to full day hikes to challenge you we offer a range of guided walks to entertain and stretch you.

Use the Calendar to choose and book onto one of our ‘Walk the Island’ walks to suit your pace and interests!

Half day; short day and full day walks are available all over the Isle of Man.

Explore the landscape as we follow footpaths, tracks and the open moorland…
Or have a look at the range of walks available:

Half day walks

Short day walks

Full day hikes

Each walk has been graded as Leisurely, Moderate or Strenuous to take into account the distance and type of ground covered. This grading is used by the Ramblers Association.

LEISURELY - walks for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience. The route will include un-surfaced rural or coastal paths and tracks. Walking boots and suitable clothing are recommended.

MODERATE - walks for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. The route will include some steep paths, coastal paths and open country. Walking boots and suitable clothing are essential. Support equipment such as walking poles recommended.

STRENUOUS - walks for experienced country walkers and a very good level of fitness. The route will include some hills, steep coastal paths and rough country. Walking boots, suitable clothing and support equipment such as walking poles are essential.
• Walk gradings are provided as a general guide only. If you have any doubt about your fitness for a particular walk please contact us in advance.

• Bear in mind the distance of the walk and the possibility of bad weather, which can make a walk more difficult than planned.

• If you're unsure of your fitness level, try a short and easy walk first - it's much better to find a walk a little too slow and easy than to make yourself miserable and exhausted.

• It is at the guide’s discretion to change the route of a walk should the weather conditions, or other extraneous circumstances, deem it necessary to change a route.

• Leaders may refuse to accept participants who in their opinion are inadequately equipped or not able to complete the chosen route.

Please contact in advance if you want advice about appropriate clothing or fitness levels. We’ll always try to help!

More information on how to look after yourself and prepare for walks.

Want to take your walking further? Have a look at the training we offer on our Skills page.

Caring for the Countryside.
Heading down Snaefell towards Clagh Ouyr and North Barrule
Heading down Snaefell towards Clagh Ouyr and North Barrule

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